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He was well fitted to the plot.

This is really scary true story.

JOHN Galliano,He was neatly taken in by the trick.
Also,He is a jester in the fashion ghetto,too.

But,he is a really great fashion creator & director for me.
Because,he had given the big dream & emotions to so many fashion kids in the world.
And he has a very freedom images,ideas & parodies in his fashion.

Thank you so much,John.


The exhibition for the ABRAHAM with the Monsieur Swiss Silk King Gustav Zumsteg's an aesthetic senses, It's the"soiepirate"

The exhibition which I waited for began.
It is a soiepirate exhibition of the National Gallery of Zurich.

It is the exhibition of many splendid archive collection that noble company ABRAHAM left of silk print.
The total picture of his splendid work after Gustav Zumsteg purchases this company in '68 is seen in particular.
Zurich of old days was an excellent production center of the silk which competed with Como district of neighboring Italy more than 100 years.
The Gustav died two years ago, too.
Though he made an opportunity he met, and to do it during the lifetime, I was distracted by business and looked forward to this exhibition even more because it was not possible to meet at last.
As for me, there was an opportunity it was informed a friend, and to visit the treasure house of these treasures, the archive room,once after a company was closed.
I remembered it clearly, but it was still a home of the elegance that there overflowed.
Collections of documents of a splendid textile and the print of the hand dyeing of the 18th century when them gathered you their form a line,
It was the room where the scrapbooks of the print of ABRAHAM which did not lose in them formed a line orderly.
At first,the room was provided till my that memory revived from the first exhibition room.
I was similar till excitement and impressions overflowed and did not suffer in so much time.
The restaurant for chosen people from the whole world & this town,we can be seeing reproduction one room of Kronenhalle that his mother began in the '20s that was most snobbish restaurant in Zurich .
The next room of space where there harks back to then so much prosperity.
After, the rush of the great archives of ABRAHAM.
The group works to establish their couturier to use them at the time.
Worked with the greatest couturiers,C.Balenciaga, Lanvin, C.Dior, YSL., Valentino, J.Fath,C.Lacroix, Bill Blass, James Galanos ,Geoffrey Beene,and so on.
Also,CdG was & Diane P. ,when she was real designer in N.Y.

Yes, this exhibition of my eyes, "What this means elegance?", Respectively.
I learned a lot of things in this exhibition it was.
Also,the elegance of this well or was it something that is lived at that time varies depending on age and women.
As a result, companies have a noble dignity silk print high aesthetics, ABRAHAM could have come to understand the cause of closing that glorious gate in '96.

The present age "what this means elegance?", The things that had to be completely change in quality,so quick.
In the modern luxury was not born on the real character and dignity, It's only a virtual image of vanity was put on the consuming society.
It 's the only gold-plated elegance!.

And,at the end corner there was an exhibition of student works was very disappointing.
That's extra too bad taste for me,so sorry.
To face such that it exhibits the elegance, which I have rather a lot of pictures made at the golden time of their couturier?
Maybe this is the essence of the museum curator, was not out of this ABRAHAM understand and sour herring?
Or,did not understand the elegance out of herself?
Or, that's only rip-service?

However,this exhibition of ABRAHAM is imbued with elegance at the time of bursting & full of the Monsieur Swiss Silk King Gustav Zumsteg's an aesthetic senses for his great mother,Madame Hulda & her noble restraint

Thank you very much for great your aesthetic senses the Monsieur Gustav Zumsteg.

21 Oct.'10 in Zurich.


Comme des Garcons Pinky Robe, knocked down for 8,500 euros!!

The Comme des Garcons Pinky Robe, knocked down for 8,500 euros.

As for the auction performed in the collection season of this town, many Yohji and Comme des Garcons were exhibited.
It was exhibited elsewhere by Alaia,Balenciaga,Jean-Paul Gaultie, Christian Louboutin,Maison Martin Margiela,Y.S.L.and UNDR COVE, it, too.

This auction took about 5 hours with quantity to amount to 500 pieces more, and it was performed.
There was around 30~40 participants in an auction place on this day.
And five phone lines were prepared for.

That value in the Comme des Garcons was high was proved at this auction that many Japanese designers,
Yohji and Comme des Garcons were over.

It began, and a big wave came in around 10 minutes.
A Pinky robe taken for collection two years ago when I still remembered it,
that was made a bid for 8,500 euros.

In addition, the value of a new fashion was born in this auction house.

The big wave happened in nothing for the later around 4 hours.

It is said that the master of this successful bidder who competed on the telephone is
one of an American art museum.

The successful bid price of Yohji was 2,000 euros from an average of 200 euros.
And, as for the thing of the foreign designer, they were knocked down with a market from 200 euros to 500 euros .
The later CdG had ended at a total market successful bid price from 500 euros to 1,500 euros ended.

Lundi 4 October '10 a 14h~
PARIS=hotel DROUOT-salle7
9 rue Drouot Paris:


COMME des GARCONS とDIANE ARBUSそして、LISETTE MODEL: 激しく生きた二人の女性写真家たち。 2011春夏パリコレクションから;

It was so sorry, I'm trying to translate English now.

 『 今シーズンの巴里のコレクションはビジネス状況とその世界が生んだヴァニティな環境によって閉塞感が大きく感じられる。

 COMME des GARCONSブランドのコレクションはこの街の、この時期に見ると変わらずの異端と異形を放つ。



 最近のこのCOMME des GARCONSブランドのショーを見ていると

僕の好きな写真家,Lisette ModelとDiane Arbusを見てしまった。
最後にはダイアンの代表作品集"An Perture Monograph"を感じたのだ。
Diane Arbusが影響を受けた写真家がA.ザンダーであり、Lisette Modelである。

ミラノの10コルソコモのギャラリィーで開催された写真展『Lisette Model and Her Successors』
巴里のjeu-de-paume写真美術館で行なわれた『Lisette Model回顧展』




 リセットモデルとその後継者たち展/「Lisette Model and Her Successors」

ダイアン アーヴァス/
N.Y.メトロポリタン美術館で開催された展覧会。/3~5月 '05/"Revelations"


The Requiem. It was so cool DVD -Nemeth 2

The Requiem. It was so cool DVD -Nemeth 1

" As for his great achievement, an underground performance and a mode and the fusion of the street were very grand.
It is a very disappointing thing that fashion people do not recognize the great achievement. " by Jun TAKAHASHI/UNDER COVER:

『 彼の偉業はアンダーグラウンドとモード、そしてストリートの融合、とても偉大でした。
その偉業をファッションピープルが認識していないのはとても残念な事です。 』  高橋盾/UNDERCOVER


In Memory of Christopher Nemeth,

It had know the news from a friend.
It was unbelievable.
Tough, but believing.

From a distance,
We sincerely pray for you.

I am deeply saddened at the death of Christopher Nemeth.

For me, the deep
I can respect as a human creator.
With kindness and stubbornness

Be one of the best when he was making the clothes looks so cool for himself
Was really pure and charming man.
Well, he had made the all by himself,
In the space
I will never forget his smile.

By the side of Keiko,
Dog plays with his kindness and
With beer cans
When he had told about works, was too shy to speak
But he is confident that the whole,
This scene was Nemeth's for me.

In My 25-years of the mode,
Most of the people had been look to "The VANTY" world
Many people pass through him
Then, found the entrance to the Media
And flew out of to the runways

In such a world,
walking straight down on his own ways
Was of importance
Was very pure.
Therefore he was a great precious man.

"He was an amazing, influential talent".

For the Fashion-kizzy on a Harajuku Street in their 90s and
Also,CdG, J. Galliano, A. L. Mcqueen & more etc,,
People who like to dress, including me
great impression and impact of craftsmanship skill
Given influential to calm
was characteristic of really him.

He knew his whereabouts.
Stand himself and the world,
His favorite clothes, shoes, drawing,so on
Live his way
Before it was firmly believed that a load off.

"Ancient Briton"

It was the theme of his debut collection on '85 in London.
Even now, this value of an old-fashioned idea never changed
Venerable indomitable Briton spirit.
Assume craftsman mind own art
It's a one of confidence.
The romanticist who demanded that he lived purely.

Purely on their own, to live a life given,
Of course, the most difficult thing alone
Keiko and Princess of his two daughters
Have a wonderful family
A foreign country of less than 25 years that he was protected, and was spent.

In the foreign country,
really caught it to him, and how would,

The calmness that is true in heaven
Please,smoke to can beer one hand
Please,watch over your precious people

I must say again
Really so much, thank you very much.
Mr. Christopher Nemeth.

Please your deeply sleep in full of the peaceful.

Take.HIRAKAWA/ From Ile'de France,24th.October: